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Our Covid-19 Book Safe Promise for Stays in 2022

Should there be new restrictions imposed by our government, such as lockdowns and border closures, we will firstly propose postponements and, secondly, cancellation if the first option is not viable.  In cases other than those mentioned above, eg, positive Covid tests, quarantine requirements, illness, existing stays, our stand cancellation conditions apply.

We strongly advise you and your fellow guests to take out travel insurance to protect individual circumstances and risks associated with COVID-19.

What is not covered under our Book Safe Promise 2022:

If individuals in your group are unable to come due to contracting Covid-19, shielding, isolating, or quarantining. 

A disinclination to travel due to fear of COVID-19 or new variants of COVID-19.

Our standard terms and conditions will apply in all other circumstances


​Simply Move Your Booking To 2023

If you made a new booking after the 8th January 2022 for a 2022 stay, you can move your booking to the same break next year, at the same property 

for the same price (subject to availability). 

Transfer to a later date in 2022

Subject to availability, we will do our best to help you move your booking to a later date in 2022 at the same property.  If the cost of your new date falls into a higher season than your original booking, then you’ll need to pay the difference. If it is in a lower season, we'll of course refund you the difference.

Defer your dates

If you know you still want to stay with us but you just can't commit to a date yet, then you can defer your booking. We will hold your payment against your account, and you can put this towards a new booking at  our gites. Don’t worry about taking your time as there’s no deadline for re booking just come back to us when you are ready.

Full Refund

We will offer a full refund if the gite you have booked is restricted due to Government travel restrictions, if the given address on the booking is put into local/regional lockdown due to Government restrictions or there is Government restrictions on groups sizes.

​If you have any further questions around our book safe promise please don't hesitate to contact us on 

With our best wishes, Gary and Colette

This information is not intended to form any part of a contract or amendment to a contract. Individual bookings will be addressed and confirmed directly with the person making the original booking.

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